What Is An Online Consulting Business And Do You Have What It Takes To Build One? Find Out Now!
In today's society, there are many different views and opinions of what a consultant actually is and to be honest... the majority of views are quite wrong! 

In this post, we're going to get very clear on what a consultant really is and why you should seriously consider transforming your current business model into a wildly profitable consulting practice! Let's dive in!

Most people think that consultants have Harvard MBAs, they give advice on corporate strategies, they have fancy credentials, they know a lot about business, they wear suits and that they talk to different corporate companies and advise on very complicated issues! 

And public opinion would also consider it impossible to have a consulting business with 10 to 12 people that could generate $18 million a year. Considering that most traditional consulting businesses charge by the hour.

The traditional definition of a consultant is someone who sits down and gives someone advice by speaking to them person to person... but, those times are well and truly over now.

No longer do you need to be sitting face to face with someone to give them advice... not at all. Advice can be shared in many different ways providing a wildly profitable opportunity to exponentially scale a consultancy business from scratch... even if you don't have any experience to do it!

So, let's take a look at the definition of what a Consultant really is... a Consultant is...

"...a person who is engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a specific field"...

It doesn't say anything about being corporate or having fancy degrees, education, certificates or wearing suits. It simply says "engaged in giving expert advice to people working in a specific field".

That's the true definition. The distorted public view is totally wrong.

Let's take a closer look and break this down even further to clearly understand it.  A consultant is three things. You have "a person" who gives "advice" to a "group" of people. 

Now, "a person" is simple to understand because that's you so we can cross that one out. The "advice" is what you're going to be selling which is your product/service/program and the "group" of people you will be selling it to is your "niche". 

So, to start a consulting business is very simple. All you really need to figure out is what kind of "advice" you want to sell and who you want to give it to and then you've got it! That's really how simple consulting is!

Now that you know what consulting really is, let's talk about the reasons why anyone would want to buy your "advice".

Why Do People Buy Advice?

First, we need to understand why people buy advice before we can determine what kind of advice to sell. Most people starting out as consultants neglect to think about the reasons why people actually buy advice and come up with random reasons to sell things instead lol.

But, it is critical to understand which is why we are going to take a closer look at why people buy anything... not just consulting and it all starts with understanding how most people see the global economy.

When most people look outside their window at the world, they wonder why people buy things, why people sell things and why some people end up rich and why some people end up poor. The perception of the global economy to them is one of being a highly complicated tangled ball of mess... so, most choose to ignore it and resign themselves to answer the question with ... "I don't know!"

But, it's time to start seeing the world through eyes of clarity which means having the tenacity to find the answers to why things are the way they are as opposed to pushing it into the "too hard" basket and pretending it doesn't exist.

In order to take a clear position in the marketplace, you need a fundamental understanding of it and it all begins with grasping an understanding of "self", the "person" and the social constructs of which one's world views and beliefs are formed... so, let's work through this together.

What Is The Global Economy & What Does This Have To Do With Anything?

Every single person has different views and beliefs on all things. They think some things are right and some things are wrong. When making judgments or decisions, they always lean to different sides... right or wrong.

The way you lean (right or wrong) is determined by the social constructs that you belong to which includes your family, friends and social connections. These circles of influence ultimately guide and shape your world views, perceptions and beliefs about right or wrong so if your family sees things one way, this will likely influence and effect the way you see things as well. 
All of these different circles fall within each other and they all affect and influence each other in terms of what is believed to be right and wrong and each one will heavily influence the way you see things as well.

On every level from self to society, there are different views and beliefs about past, present and future. Some believe things to be this way, while others believe it is another way.  But, if you were to take the sum average of all of these different views and beliefs and draw a line of trajectory from past, present and extend it out and into the future... then we could actually get a sense of where people want things to be in the future and we can use it is an "indication" which is useful for "estimating" where people desire things to be in the future. 
We can call this line of trajectory the "current self paradigm" and the "desired self paradigm" because what makes a person get up and do what they do each day is heavily influenced by how they believe things are and how they want things to be. Simply put, people are just trying to become their desired self every day.

They have their "current self paradigm" but what they are striving for is their "desired self paradigm". Their desired self is whatever they're trying to make happen in their current paradigm and these two selves are heavily influenced by their different social circles.
For example, someone who lives in Syria a once prosperous nation torn apart by war is going to have a very different view of life and a totally different desired self paradigm than someone living in New York.

It is important to understand this, because it helps you understand what influences people and what influences different niches because not everyone wants the same things. There is always a GAP between the current self and the desired self also known as "DESIRE" and "DEMAND".

Why do some people want certain things and others don't? What causes someone to desire to spend $1000 on a new a stereo while someone else prefers to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes? Why do some people want to spend $100k on a car while someone else wants to give away $100k?

Well, it is because people have their current self paradigm and they have their desired self paradigm and every single day they are simply trying to bridge that gap between where they are right now to where they desire to be. The gap in between these two states is what creates all desire and all demand. People literally wake up daily and they buy things, consume things and take action to become their desired self.
The entire Global Economy revolves around people waking up each morning and trying to buy a version of their desired self paradigm.

We could also use another term for this "gap" and call it the "vehicle" that people use to try and get themselves from their current self to their desired self.

People are constantly searching for vehicles to take them from where they are right now to where they want to be in terms of their self-image. People have their current situation and they have their desired situation and everyone is just trying to get to their desired situation using the "vehicles" that the global economy makes available to help them get there.

In today's industry, smart consultants figure out exactly what those "gaps" are and then they create and sell "vehicles" to help people achieve their desires. This is what savvy entrepreneurs do. They don't just "fluke" it or decide to sell something for the sake of it just because someone else is doing it!

Selling something based on a monkey see, monkey do logic will never make money in the long term. You have to learn to look at the market and get an understanding and feeling for a particular niche. How are things trending for them? What is their current situation? What is their desired situation?

When you have a good understanding of this, then you can create a vehicle to help them achieve their desires. This is what makes the global economy tick. Pretty much every human being on the face of the planet has a desired self, which is who they want to be. It's natural for humans to desire something more than who they are.

Everyone in their situation now wants something more. I'm sure you can agree because this is the reason why you're reading this blog right now and perhaps its because you desire to know more about how you can build a successful consultancy business and how this can help you achieve your desired self.

When it comes to creating a consultancy service, this is why it is so important to pick a niche, because not everyone has the same desired self. When you pick a niche, you need to figure out the current situation and the desired situation for people in that niche and then the "vehicle" you use to bridge this gap is your "advice" for helping this niche achieve their desired self.
Three BIG Reasons Why People Buy Consulting Services

You might be thinking "Can't people get themselves to their desired self on their own? Why would they need a consultant to help them do that?" Great question. 

There are three key reasons why people buy help or advice from a consultant.

1. Inability to get there on their own!
For most, when they are looking for vehicles to help get them to their desired self it is usually because it is something that they just don't know how to do on their own. 

For example, someone trying to lose weight probably knows that they should eat right, exercise daily and avoid high fat and sugary foods. But, they also know that without support to do it, they will struggle to do these things consistently on their own.

For people in business, someone's desire might be to make $100 million and their current self is only making $100k. You could say, "Well, why doesn't that person just do it on their own?" Which, would be fair enough to say, but how are they going to seriously figure that one out? They need help.

2. Accelerated progress to get there faster!
People want to achieve things as quickly as possible. Really smart people understand that if they try to do things on their own, they will likely miss the mark because they have never done these things before. Rather than making countless mistakes and wasting valuable time along the way, they would rather avoid the pitfalls to get there sooner than later!

3. They need a proven system, roadmap or advice from someone who has already achieved it!
People want someone follow or someone who has already been through the transformation they desire to help them make it to their desired state. If someone wants to lose weight, they usually want to learn from someone who has also achieved it. If someone wants to earn a million dollars, they will look for someone who has achieved it and follow their advice.

The more accurately you can understand the reasons why people are searching for vehicles to help get them from where they are right now, to where they really want to be... the more money you stand to make.  

You want to keep selling them something that gets better and better at helping them to bridge the gap. If you ride it and go WITH the market, you will have the time of your life and money will be flying in.

So, what is a Consultant?

"A consultant is a person (YOU), who engages in expert advice (your vehicle for helping to bridge the gap between their current self paradigm and their desired self paradigm)  to people (your niche) working in a specific field".

If you would like to find out more about how you can Transform Your Expertise™ into a thriving consulting business of your own then get my FREE Training Video NOW! 
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