Why You Must Burn Your Boats If You Are Ever Going To Succeed In Building Your Ultimate Lifestyle Consulting Business Dream!
/// It’s time to... “BURN THE BOATS!” ///

What are you doing NOW to prepare and plan for your 2018? Will you hit your income goals? Will you achieve your desired results? What is the ONE defining factor that will determine whether or not you do?

There is an attitude that top-shelf entrepreneurs carry around with them… They Make Decisions!

If you’ve ever made a DECISION before and you’ve decided you want to do something but you haven’t achieved it - keep reading because this post will give you a very powerful insight into how you can turn this around!

Believe it or not… there is a FORMULA to how you make decisions. Successful people make decisions a certain way and they aggressively follow through on their intentions!

Poor people, on the other hand, make decisions like “I want to lose 20kg” … or… “I want to earn a million dollars…” They usually have big goals and big dreams BUT… they often lack the fortitude to follow through because the way they make decisions is… INCORRECT!

Their decision making process doesn’t follow the formula and it doesn’t follow the pattern for SUCCESS!

Stay with me...

Let's take a look at the latin root word for the word… “DECIDE”. The word “DECIDE” comes from the word “caedere” or “cide” or “cise” which literally means… “TO KILL!” or… “TO CUT-OFF!”... it’s a somewhat VIOLENT yet POWERFUL word!

Other examples of this include:

Suicide - the killing of oneself.
Genocide - the killing of a large ethnic group.
Homocide - the killing of one person.
Pesticide - the killing of pests.
Fungicide - a chemical that kills fungus….

There are many examples, but the point is… they all “cut off” or “kill” something…

So… what does the word ‘DE-CIDE” mean and what does this literally cut off and kill?

Great question!

When we “DE-CIDE” to do something, we essentially cut off and KILL all other options that we have! We position ourselves in a way that says there are NO other options but the one we have!

Let’s take a closer look at this…

In 1519, Captain Hernan Cortes set out on a mission to invade Mexico and to take the Aztec Empire. Shortly after his army landed at Veracruz, he ordered his men to “Burn The Boats!” leaving his entire army stranded with no possible way to retreat, to run or to return home! This marked the inevitable beginning of his greatest conquest!

For some, perhaps it makes no sense that Cortes would burn ALL the boats and perhaps we would think that a safer option would have been to keep a ship or two?

“But, Cortes was on a MISSION and he knew that the only way he would keep himself or his men from quitting on the mission was to take that option away!” -Travis Robert!

Instead, Cortes forced himself and his men into a position where the only options were to SUCCEED or DIE and… quitting was NOT an option!

Cortes, along with his men that day… DECIDED to SUCCEED… and they DID!

“...to truly achieve the level of success we each desire, there are times when we need to “burn the boats”, because… it’s easy to RETREAT when you have the option to!.” - Travis Robert!

There is a formula to follow when we make decisions… And people who make decisions like Cortes and his men did that day will back themselves into a corner where the only way out… is FORWARD… and when your army has nowhere else to go, but forward… then that army will WIN the war or they will DIE trying!

People who go on to make incredible levels of money and achieve greatness in their lives literally have this one attribute in common…

They will force themselves into a situation where the only way forward is to win!... Staying stagnant is NOT an option… so the OLD pattern of thinking and the OLD normal is gone… it’s DEAD… killed and cut off FOREVER and life as you know it… can NEVER be the SAME!

More and more people say they want something, but when it comes down to it they have other options and for them...

WINNING is NOT the only option!

They say they want it, but at the end of the day, they have other options and will always revert and retreat back to the safety net that they have created for themselves!

This is a dangerous place to be in when you have this mentality… the real way to make decisions and force yourself into winning is to kill all of your other options and to “Burn Your Boats!” if you are to truly succeed!

Those who dominate are those who have a mindset that there is no other way… except to win!

So, what do you really want from 2018?

Because whatever that is, then you need to start making those DECISIONS now!

-> Decide the person you want to become
-> Decide the income you want to earn
-> Decide the impact you want to make 
-> Decide the lifestyle you want to live and then…

Make the choices that validate the version of yourself that will HIT these goals and put you into a position where the only way forward is to win. Back yourself into the corner, “Burn The Boats!” and come out ready to SUCCEED!

So tell me, What Are The Boats Holding You Back From Succeeding This Year?”

Because... there's never been a better time to live your DREAM than right now... you just have to DECIDE to do it! 
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