FREE Training Video: How I Transformed My Teaching Expertise Into A Powerful Consulting Business Model Making $20,000 In My First 90 Days As A Newbie Consultant!
What if, you could...
into a highly profitable
Kia Ora! I'm Paula Eason, Founder & Creator Of The Super Successful Online Course Called Transform Your Expertise™
What if you could take your professional skills, qualifications and life experiences and Transform Your Expertise™ into a powerful online consulting business model to replace your 9 to 5 job income in less than a year?
Would it mean you could:
A few short years ago, I was teaching full-time in a private school and I DECIDED it was time to break free from:
 Working for someone else!
 Building someone else's dream!
 Feeling trapped inside a prison wall!
With the right Mentorship, I launched my first 1:1 Consulting Business and Made $20,000 in my first 90-Days as a newbie consultant with NO Experience, NO Website, NO YouTube Channel, NO coaching certifications, I didn't have a following, no-one knew who I was, and I didn't spend a single cent on ads! 

So, what did I do?

It's simple! I worked hard, built my business around my full-time teaching job, invested $50k+ to work with top mentors AND I stuck at it! There's no magic pill to take or button to push... it isn't easy... but it's worth it!
Are You Ready To Join Thousands Of Driven Career-Professionals From Around The World Who Are Escaping The 9 To 5 Paradigm?
There is an unprecedented movement sweeping across the globe with career-professionals from around the world making a mass paradigm shift from working in a traditional 9 to 5 job TO building thriving online consulting businesses of their own!

Of course, the entrepreneur lifestyle dream isn't suited for everyone... but if it's something you've been searching for... then I'm 100% CONFIDENT I can help you achieve it, especially if:
 You're ready to take action and make the paradigm shift from Employee to Entrepreneur;
 You have the expertise, skills and life experience to helps others in a MASSIVE way;
 You're not afraid of working hard to build a business you LOVE!
Why am I so confident I can help you?

Because, it's exactly what I did! And now, rather than you investing tens of thousands of dollars to learn from the top 10% of business mentors and coaches in the industry and wasting years of your life trying to figure this stuff out on your own... 

I have a much easier solution for you...

I've taken my 17+ years of teaching experience, 2 years of FB Marketing Expertise and 3 years of 1:1 coaching experience, over $50k+ invested to work with the industry's BEST business coaches and mentors AND I've transformed this into a successful online course dedicated to teaching you how you can also Transform Your Expertise™ into a powerful consulting business to start generating $5k, $10k, $15k, $20k+ every single month with predictability!
I've spent the last 12 months obsessing, improving and perfecting my course methodologies with a handful of dedicated beta clients. Together, we've tested the entire course system from beginning to end and now... 

I'm SUPER excited to finally and officially open my online classroom doors to launch a very powerful solution for helping YOU Transform Your Expertise™ into an online consulting business model that you will absolutely LOVE!

If you're an intelligent woman with a vision to build your own ultimate lifestyle business dream, then START now by joining the revolution to exit the 9 to 5 job paradigm FOREVER!

Get My FREE Training on "How I Transformed My Teaching Expertise Into A Powerful Consulting Business Model Making $20,000 In My First 90 Days As A Newbie Consultant" and discover how you can build a thriving consulting business you LOVE this year!
No more wasting thousands of dollars buying expensive "guru" courses and programmes that only give you a piece of the puzzle at a time!
Transform Your Expertise™
A Life Changing 12-Week Online Consulting Business Programme For Driven Career- Professionals Ready To Build A Consulting Business Of Their Own
  • Module 1 - Master Your Mindset: Reprogramme your sub-conscious mind for success.
  • Module 2 - Find Your Perfect Niche: Discover the 3 key variables for finding your dream clients.
  • Module 3 - Craft An Irresistible Offer: Craft a cutting-edge solution to end your niche's pain.
  • Module 4 - Build An Authentic Brand: Launch a powerful Brand & outsmart your competition.
  • Module 5 - Establish Proof Of Concept: Engineer the DNA blueprint for building an empire.
  •  Bonus Module - Organic & Paid Marketing: Get leads, get clients and get PAID!
What is it?
Transform Your Expertise™ is a 12-week online intensive group consulting business programme.

I'll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know as you learn how to build a thriving business (part-time while you work) to create financial freedom and flexibility in your work, life and family!

There are only 100 places available to work with me and you can APPLY NOW by booking a FREE call. I'll help you clarify if building an online consulting business dream is the right fit for you!
Who is it for?
This programme is PERFECT for driven career-professionals who are ready to step out on their own!

It's ideal if you are motivated, driven and if you have a specialist expertise, proven business skills and relevant life experience to help others succeed. 

If you desire to own and build a lifestyle business where you dictate your own hours - this could be a perfect fit for you!
How does it work?
Get life-time access to the 12-week online course content. Connect with your private Transformation Tribe who will provide you with deep level accountability, support and direction!

You'll grow exponentially with our weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions, catapult your results with my 1-hour weekly Masterminds & accelerate your progress with my personal 1:1 Coaching Reviews! Get started now!
Is Consulting Right For You?
 What Should I DO Now?
Get The FREE Training
Inside this FREE Training, I reveal exactly "How I Transformed My Expertise Into A Powerful Consulting Business Model To Make $20,000 In My First 90-Days As A Newbie Consultant!"

I'll walk you through "The 5 Pillars Of Success" for helping you build the foundations you need to succeed!

Get the training below!
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On this call, I'll help you define your expertise and clarify if building a consulting business dream is the right fit for you! It's time to get ahead of the game, so let's get started!

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