"The main thing I really want you to know about me is that I'm a lot like… YOU!"
Believe it or not... I really am a lot like YOU!

I'm a loving Mum of children I adore, I have a husband I want to retire from his full-time job, I want to travel the world with my beautiful family, there are dream homes I'm planning to build, worthy causes to fight for and humanitarian services to contribute to…

I worked really hard in my professional career, I raised my family while juggling school drop-offs, pick-ups, weekend sports, practices, outings and after school programmes and activites! I've fed, cared for our loved our family pets and I've dedicated myself to helping build my local Church, Community and those less fortunate than ourselves!

So, trust me when I say... I REALLYYYY do get it! 

I know exactly what it’s like when it comes to fine tuning the balance between career, family, life and then of course.... building a consulting business on top of this as well????

Yep! I know! It's CRAAZZZYYYY!!!! LOL!

BUT... I did it!

AND... what I really want you to know about me, is that...

I've been there… 
I know the journey…
I know it well...

I really am... just like you! 
I want the very best for my family and I'll stop at nothing to make that happen!
"It's time to take your accumulated wealth of life experience, knowledge and expertise and transform it into a business you absolutely LOVE!"
It doesn't have to be a dream anymore - you really can make this your reality too!

In fact, do what I did and build your business alongside your full-time 9 to 5 job and let it help you fund the investment you'll need to build a long-term asset that:
  • Works around your family, your work and your current lifestyle commitments!
  • Won't steal time from your kids, your husband or your family!
  • Provides you with the support, help and expert Mentorship you need to succeed!
Let's be real for a second though... because the truth is... building a successful business isn't for EVERYONE!

As women we know what it takes to raise children, to organise our homes and to run a business... we're natural entrepreneurs and we naturally possess the qualities, the characteristics and the skills to meticulously execute our plans...

Building a thriving consulting business requires ethical drive, professional fortitude and ruthless integrity... You'll need to roll up your sleeves and give it EVERYTHING you've got because around every corner...

Mindset giants eagerly await you, ready to devour and crush your dreams!

But, when you have expert mentorship you can trust to help you navigate your way strategically through the obstacles... then, the pathway towards creating and building a financially secure future becomes a pathway that is easier to endure!
And this is the moment... when I step into the spotlight!
Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Malo e leilei, Tena Tatou Katoa!

Hi everyone! I'm P
aula Eason and I'm excited to provide you with the expert Mentorship you as you embark on your journey towards creating financial freedom and flexibility as you Transform Your Expertise TM into a profitable consulting business of your own!

I respect your unique and authentic personality meaning that my methodologies are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. I'm proud that I don't teach with a cookie-cutter approach or with a one-size fits all mentality! My years of education experience just won't let me do it! 

Instead, I believe in teaching you an absolutely solid way of building a viable business that embraces and brings to life EVERYTHING is authentically YOU!

I developed a programme that would provide my clients with a complete A to Z solution to guide you meticulously through a process of building a rock-solid foundation for your business first!

With my 17+ years in education, a solid background in Strategic Development, Business & Marketing Fundamentals & successful FB Ads Agency, I'm ready to help you establish the foundations that I used upon which you can start building... your own consulting business empire too!

Let me guide you through your journey towards building your business while you:

  • Slay your limiting beliefs to Master A Millionaire Mindset (Module 1)
  • Unleash your greatness to Find Your Perfect Niche (Module 2)
  • Craft an irresistible offer that has your dream clients lining up to work with you (Module 3)
  • Launch a simple, yet powerful Brand that truly sets you apart (Module 4)
  • Engineer the DNA structure for Establishing Proof Of Concept (Module 5)
  • Drive high-ticket sales like a legend & generate a consistent monthly income (Bonus Module)
    So, if you're ready to take up the challenge, to push yourself to another level and to learn how to transform your professional expertise, strengths and life experiences into a high-ticket consulting business to replace your 9 to 5 income forever... then...

    I'm here and ready to help you do it!

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