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"How I Transformed My Teaching Expertise Into A Powerful Consulting Business Model Making $20,000 In My First 90 Days As A New Consultant With ZERO Experience!"
It's time to regain control, build a consulting business of your own AND restore the financial freedom, flexibility and power of choice you deserve!
Kia Ora!
I’m Paula Eason, Founder of Aotea Consulting - a company that empowers driven career-professionals to build thriving consulting businesses of their own!

I'm excited to welcome you to my tribe of world-class professional leaders who are joining the revolution to transform their expertise, strengths and life experiences into the freedom, flexibility and power to make their own choices!

We're on the cutting-edge of the online business world and armed with a lazer-focused vision to set our corporate and professional colleagues free from the toxic workplace environments that continues to rob them of their potential to build a lifestyle they LOVE!

Let's get down to business!

But first, let me tell you how it all began and "How I Transformed My Teaching Expertise Into A Powerful Consulting Business Model To Lead A Revolution For Career-Professionals From Around The World To Do The Same!" 
It began in 2015, when I was unexpectedly confronted by a 9 year old’s question that changed my life FOREVER!

That question…

“Mrs Eason… who do YOU really want to become?

In my 17 year teaching career, I'd asked this question to hundreds of my students before but NEVER had anyone EVER asked this question of me!

There I was, staring back at a class full of innocent children - and in that moment I was forced to confront a cold and harsh reality… the truth.

Because, to be perfectly honest… I’d had enough! 

=> I was exhausted from working 12-15 hour days!
=> There were limited opportunities to grow!
=> The pressure to meet deadlines had become increasingly more difficult AND...

To make matters worse…

=> I felt like I was failing as a professional,  
=> I was disengaged as a colleague and
=> I was disconnected from my passion and love for teaching. 

I'd fallen into a pit of despair and I was struggling to find my way out of it..
As I sat there contemplating the answer to this most profound question... 

"Who DID I really want to become?"

I found myself at a crossroad...

It was in that moment, I suddenly realised... I no longer wanted to teach!

Instead, I had an overwhelming yearning and deep desire to do something far greater with my life and I knew it was time to pursue it...

So... I did!

My response to that life-changing question...

“I want to be a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur!”

The moment those words left my mouth... I knew I would be accountable and that I'd have to make some radical changes if I was ever going to accomplish my dream!

So, I threw myself into the online business world and started learning and absorbing as much information as I could about building a successful business of my own
For two long years (and after wasting thousands of dollars) I struggled my way through as much FREE online content that I could find purchasing multiple $7, $27 and $97 courses to no avail!

It eventually dawned on me that despite my own efforts and ability to find information on the internet it was certainly NO WAY to build a successful online business... NO WAY!

I'd become my own worst enemy and I knew I'd have to change tactics if I was ever going to succeed!

So I made one crucial decision that changed everything:

I acknowledged that I needed help and that I was worth investing in myself!

I applied to work with some of the best business mentors in the industry and invested $50k+ to access their expert knowledge! 

In less than 12 months, I learned "How To Generate $20,000 In My First 90-Days As A New Consultant With NO Youtube Channel, NO Email List, NO Website & NO Paid Ads!"
Contrary to what the guru's tell you... indulging in "shiny object" tactics for building a successful business will not only lead you into a pit of overwhelm, fear and frustration... 

It's also the #1 Reason why 99% of entrepreneurs FAIL within their first 90 days of getting started!

It was at this point that I knew I had a personal responsibility to restore and teach the simple truths and integrity of what it really takes to build a thriving consulting business in today's online business world!

I designed, tested and fine-tuned my 1:1 coaching programme and built an online course to help more people do what I did as well. I spent a whole year developing a very strategic and powerful new system that I'm proud to call Transform Your Expertise™.

It's the perfect solution for helping others follow the simple steps I used to build a successful online consultancy business I love!

And now, I'm on a mission to help others achieve the same results… but BETTER and FASTER…

So, here it is... Transform Your Expertise™ the ultimate consulting revolution solution for helping other aspiring career-professional entrepreneurs (just like me) transform their expertise into a powerful online consultancy of their own!

So, let's talk... because...

If you're craving the FREEDOM to work from home and be your own boss...

If your career has gone stale and you feel that you want to create something that you can be proud of (and that gives you financial FREEDOM)... 

If you feel fenced in and you desire the FREEDOM to make your own decisions...


Maybe you're seeking the FREEDOM to do something far greater with your life too...

Then let me ask you the same life-changing question that a 9-year old child asked me...
"Who do YOU really want to become?"
No seriously. Who do you say it is that you REALLY want to be?

Because, whatever it is... then what are YOU waiting for?

Is it the overwhelm of not knowing where to start?

Do you doubt that you could ever really crush it on your own?

Are you worried that you can't afford it?

OR are you afraid you won't meet the high levels of expectations that others have of you?
Well, what if...
  •  You had a proven roadmap you could follow
  • ​Expert Mentorship to guide you
  • ​A payment plan you could afford
  • ​A dedicated tribal community to support you!
Would you pursue your own business dream then?
Here's how these driven career-professionals are transforming their expertise into powerful consulting businesses of their own!
Iulia sold her first $5k High-Ticket Consulting Programme
Will You Be Next?
From Media Journalist To Communication & Cultural Consultant...
Iulia's Expertise:
Iulia is accredited with an incredibly diverse and complex range of expert knowledge, skills and qualifications including: Media Journalist, Communications Manager, Writer, Reporter, Cultural Advisor, Advocate for Indigenous Peoples. 

Iulia's Transformation:
By focusing on her key strengths in Communications and passion for working with indigenous peoples, we transformed her expertise into a specialist Communications & Cultural Strategist.

Iulia's Results:
Iulia has recently sold her first $5k Programme with the potential to scale her business model to work with larger organisations and charge $20k and $30k for the highly specialised solution she now provides.
Charlotte transformed her counselling degree into a 6-Week Burnout Programme
Will You Be Next?
From "A 9 to 5 Counsellor" To "Burnout Transformation Consultant"...
Charlotte's Expertise:
Charlotte is a highly driven professional woman with certification in Stress Management, Burnout Therapy and Counselling Services for women and victims of physical, sexual and mental abuse.

Charlotte's Transformation:
Her natural leadership strengths have positioned her as a powerful thought leader and Burnout Transformation Coach in her field. 

Charlotte's Results:
Charlotte has created a 12-week Burnout Transformation Programme that focuses on helping women in high-performance health care roles overcome burnout and to find a lifestyle balance they desperately seek and deserve! She is about to launch her new programme at $2.5k usd.
Russell is closing $2k clients into his body transformation programme every month
Will You Be Next?
From Kindergarten Tutor To Body Transformation Consultant
Russell's Expertise:
A man of exceptional integrity, driven and highly motivated for success. Russell boasts a multitude of qualifications, strengths and expertise including his service in the army,  ongoing teaching experience and his unwavering passion and love for health & fitness.

Russell's Transformation:
Russell's natural love for health & fitness combined with his army life experience created a perfect storm for developing a high-ticket Body Transformation Programme for Ex-Service Men.

Russell's Results:
Russell is consistently closing 2-3 high-ticket clients to generate an additional income of $2k to $4k every month. He is aiming for consistency and is future focused on planning an exit-strategy from his full-time 9 to 5 teaching job this year!
The $20k Secret My Mentors Shared With Me...
"Building A Solid Business Is A Lot Like Building A House... It Starts With Building The Foundations First"!
Inside my FREE Training Video, I'm going to reveal for you "The 5 Pillars Of Success" that you absolutely MUST build first if learning to build a business to Transform Your Expertise™ is going to become a reality for you this year!

Pillar #1 - Master A Millionaire Mindset

Your Mindset is the foundation for everything that happens in your life. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy and it will decide if you succeed or fail! We'll show you how to Master A Millionaire Mindset to:

=> Destroy self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs... PERMANENTLY!

=> Discover the power of saying goodbye to the Old You and unleash your creative genius to create a powerful New You vision!

=> Make the existential paradigm shift from an average 9 to 5 work employee to CEO & Founder of your very own High-Ticket Consulting Business Dream

Pillar #2 - Target Your Perfect Niche

To know your niche is to understand exactly WHO your target audience is, their pains, their current realities and their desired outcomes. We'll show our cutting-edge niche process & system for helping you:

=> Implement the 3 key variables that when perfectly combined will reveal to you your perfect niche!

=> Find, connect and attract your perfect niche clients to you! No more chasing around after tire-kickers, time-wasters and energy-drainers!

=> Execute an intelligent Niche Research Questionnaire that includes our TOP 10 Questions that you absolutely MUST ask your niche to gather the data you will need for crafting the PERFECT offer! 

Pillar #3- Craft An Irresistible Offer

Your offer is the “bridge” to help get your clients from where they are at right now… to where they really want to be. It is the solution they need to fulfill a desire that they do not know how to achieve on their own. Learn our top 3 hacks for transforming your expertise into an offer your clients will absolutely LOVE!

=> Learn the fundamental steps for crafting your framework.

=> We'll reveal our strategy to carefully architect and structure the outline for creating your programme content in a simple and easy-to-follow system that you can implement on your own!

=> Learn how we teach our clients to develop a rich and meaningful 6-week curriculum programme that you can present to your ideal clients on a silver platter... everything their heart desires!

Pillar #4- Build A Powerful Brand

Branding is the personality that you give your business in order to connect and build relationships with your clients online. It is more than just pretty fonts, colours and graphics! Learn how to communicate and deliver a message that resonates on a far deeper level! In our training, we'll show you how your brand can carve out a secret pathway that leads your clients seamlessly through the buying process from stranger to dream client!"

=> Discover your brand archetype and know WHO you really are

=> Learn the fundamentals for creating a Branding Style Guide that will set you apart from your competition!

=> Deliver powerful subconscious buying triggers and messages that resonate deeply and into the bones of your most perfect niche as they engage, respond and naturally connect to you!

Pillar #5- Establish Proof Of Concept

When you establish proof of concept, you establish the internal blueprint and DNA structure of your business. This is a crucial part of learning how to scale your business for further growth and for achieving higher income levels. Learn how to:

=> Organically acquire 3-5 high-ticket clients consistently to generate an income of $6k-$10k every single month

=> Get leads, convert leads into clients, clients into money and money into the freedom to replace your 9 to 5 income... FOREVER! 

=> Learn our High-Ticket Sales Strategy for expertly diagnosing your clients needs and for positioning your offer as the miracle cure they cannot live without!
"When You Build A Solid Foundation... You Build A Super Structure For Long-Term Business Success!"
The Top 3 Reasons Why Transform Your Expertise™ Works!
Most career-professionals are already getting paid in a 9 to 5 capacity to do what they are already great at! We simply teach you how you can get paid to work for yourself by building a thriving consulting business of your own.
It's likely that you will already have an understanding of who your most ideal clients are and who it is that you would most like to work with. We take this and show how to create a programme that will solve the problem that your niche cannot solve on their own. They'll see you as the expert and authority in your field and will chase YOU to work with them!
Career-Professional women already understand the demands and mindset required to be successful. You are already well-equipped with the characteristics to succeed. The ability to transfer your skill set and accomplishments into a business framework is a simple transition to make.
I'd love to talk and show you how this will work for you too!
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